Tuesday, April 13, 2004

For those of you who don't know me, let me clue you in a tudge. I moved here from Brooklyn, NY where I shared a lovely pre-WWII apartment with my husband, daughter and hundreds of roaches. Most of our windows overlooked a courtyard with a birds-eye view of other apartments. When we decided to move to California, my husband flew out here and promised he'd find an apartment with a great view.
Well, he delivered. Now our views are mountains, lots of sky and the most amazing foliage I have ever seen. I particularly loved the huge, lush trees right outside of our balcony. Every morning, I open the windows and take a whiff of the air and greenery.
The people who owned the house next to our apartment building moved out on Sunday. Yesterday, when my husband came home from work, he noticed big red X's on the trees next to the house. YES....the trees I look at every day. We thought maybe they'd just be trimmed. The thought of them not being there just made no sense. They are huge and lush and probably decades and decades old.
This morning we woke up and said nothing will probably happen for a while anyway. You know how long it takes houses to be redone or rebuilt or whatever. Almost on cue, after we said that, I hear chainsaws. I look out on the balcony and see a gardener climbing up the tree. I rush to get my camera, but he was so fast, I couldn't get a picture in time. As I heard each lovely, lush branch hit the floor, I was heartbroken. I am hardly a "nature girl", but I just cried as I saw those lovely specimens being decimated to make way for someone's home. It's just so sad.
Luckily I do have photos I have taken over the years and when I have a chance, I'll try to find some to post here.
I have lots of space to look at now and I fear the house is going to be demolished and built high enough to obliterate even that.
I work at home and it's going to be difficult being serenaded by jackhammers and chainsaws for the next few months. Oh well.
Thanks for listening.

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