Sunday, April 18, 2004

We finally decided to cash in the coins we had been saving.
Found the closest Coinstar and racked up over $100! Not bad.
There was one scary moment, where the machine stopped and I thought we were going to lose what we had already put in. The manager found screws and washers in the machine, that people either put in on purpose or were in the jar where they saved their pennies. He said he'd even found bullets in the machine from time to time, too. Nice, huh?
Treated ourselves to a five pound bag of Rocket Fuel beans from this great coffee roaster in Venice.
In the evening, we motored over to UCLA and saw my fave band, They Might Be Giants aka "Brooklyn's Ambassador's of Love". They do this great bit, where they have a radio on stage and tune in around the dial and play along with the songs they find. It was just brilliant!
FYI, the title of this blog is named after one of their songs. Check it out.
It was the best concert I've seen in a while. Great music and funny, too! I love the Johns!

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