Thursday, August 15, 2002

The girl can't help it
There's so much Martha bashing going on these days, but I still occasionally watch her show. I always find her demeanor scary but sometimes take away some ideas I can adapt to my "not-as-prefectly-perfect as Martha's" life. Today's show was unreal! She was making a birthday cake with a 12-year-old boy. He wasn't exactly neat and tidy while mixing and stirring and didn't properly distribute the ingredients in the pan and Martha was going nuts, trying to make it right!! It was astoundingly horrible. She announced that, "If you ever cook with Alex, make sure you have a dropcloth handy." Okay...that's not so bad. After the cake was made, they are putting the candles on and Martha says to put on 12. Alex says you have to put on 13 candles (adding one for good luck).Martha vehemently protests! The kid says everyone does that with bday candles and Martha defiantly goes, "No they don't". What planet is she from?

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