Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Decisions, decisions...
My husband came home early from work (which almost never happens) yesterday and since we were both awake and had free movie passes, we decided to go see a bad movie. The "soup de jour" was a quiet little period piece called "XXX" . Sadly, the dialogue wasn't as horrendously awful, as say "Mission to Mars" , but there were a few moments where we both giggled at how just plain B.A.D. it was.
Fer instance: After aligning himself with the bad guys, Vin ('X') goes to the head cheese's palatial home for a "sleepover". He is shown his room and as the camera pans, we see it's filled with candles and comes complete with a four poster bed, gaily festooned with a writhing, bikini-clad nymphette. X stands there leering, Writhetta seductively lowers herself on the bed, X rips off his shirt and says, "The things I do for my country." Check, please!!!!

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