Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's it all about?

As all of my friends and relatives (and maybe blog readers too) know, I miss living in L.A. so much. The town I live in is very lovely, but it still doesn't feel like home.

What's really strange is that almost a day doesn't go by without something reminding me of home. One week, I wrote down every time that happened and it was amazing how quick the calendar boxes filled up. A lot of it was tv commercials or movies or other shows that had my old nabe or favorite places prominently displayed.

It's a beautiful day today, so I'm anxious to get some fresh air and sunshine. I'm not thinking about anything other than appreciating being able to just get out and walk. After 6 hard months of winter, this is a big deal.

First thing I see when I go out, is someone driving by in the same car, same color we had in L.A. that got totalled shortly after we moved here.

I walk over to the yarn shop to get stuff for a Knitta,Please project I'm doing. In the store, someone's flipping through a book I appeared in, which has my bio as living in L.A. I didn't say anything about being in it, though.

Then I go over to the bookstore to browse through some magazines. Literally, the first page I turned was an ad for an art gallery that was right across the street from my husband's old office.

I don't know what it means, if anything, but it just keeps happening.

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