Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Charity begins

My friend Allison, proprietress of the great online shop Supercrafty recently wrote about how a simple request turned into a charity project. Here's the scoop.

I am working on several big projects right now, but sometimes it's nice to do something quick and fun, especially when it's for charity.

Here's the almost-finished hat, I'll be sending back to Allison soon.

I practically finished it watching television last night. It's so cute and it's made with Mission Falls Cotton, which is one of my favorite yarns.

Allison sold out of the kits, but I'm sure you all have enough scraps around to whip up a hat or two. There's a link on her blog with a free pattern for the hat.

Here is a list of all sorts of knitting charities. So knit or crochet something and give it away. Okay?

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Susan said...

Happy Blogaversary Ellen!