Friday, February 25, 2005

Where has all the knitting gone?
Still knitting but it's way too boring to talk about. I'll post some good photos when there's something worth showing.
In a bit of karmic knitting, I started the Brooklyn sweater in the borough itself.
Here's an articleabout the joy of socks.
Over at Knitter's Review, Clara reviews a book that explains how self-patterning yarn is made and how you can make your own. It's called Yarns to Dye Forby Kathleen Taylor. Don't think I'm ambitious enough to try coloring yarn, but I do want to read about the process.
In more book news, Tracey Ullman just announcecd she's working on a knitting book called Knitwise:Projects and Stories for Serious Knitters Who Love to Laugh. She's writing it with Mel Clark, owner of my fave yarn shop, Wildfiber in Santa Monica. A knitting book with a sense of humor? Sounds groovy!

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