Wednesday, February 23, 2005

What's that shiny yellow thing?
The sun is out and I see blue sky! Does that mean the rain is finally over?

What a week it's been. The rain has devastated so much of Southern California and luckily everyone I know here is safe.
My family and I are various stages of this cold/flu/virus and can't seem to shake it, but like the sun's appearance today, I think I am finally breaking through it.

During my trip to Brooklyn, we took advantage of Mom's good days and had some fun adventures, many culinary in nature.
There's something about food that's so comforting when I go back home.
We ran the gamut from the best pizza at Di Fara's to a wonderful lunch at the Union Square Cafe.

One day we trekked into "the city" to see the new Time Warner Center. It's basically a vertical mall with upscale stores and not sure why Manhattan even needs it, but that's not why we went. The main attraction was this.

If you saw the local supermarkets my mom has, there is nothing super about them. This Whole Foods is a big deal! We have many of them here in SoCal, but this one had a NYC-feel and was fab. There were free samples everywhere and we did manage to schlep some stuff back to Brooklyn because we couldn't resist.

Amazingly, I didn't gain any weight on this trip!

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