Wednesday, September 22, 2004

YO YO Waaaah!
I've been having some issues with lace. Bold confession, I know.

I swatched for the Carla-Along, and can't seem to get the pattern right. I know I do the YO's correctly, but I think I'm twisting my stitches the wrong way. I knit in the Combination Knitting style and thought that was the problem. Asked Annie about it and she said it shouldn't be, and she gave me some tips which I will try soon.
In the meantime, I decided to YO again, this time with Bonne Marie's Lacy Poncho. This seems to be working out just fine, except I noticed that all of a sudden I had 14 more stitches on the needle than there should be. Guess I just got distracted and yarn overed and over. Ripped as indicated and back on track, but still not sure it looks exactly right.
I like it though and will keep working on it and see how it goes.
Photo later in the week.

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