Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Presumed Annoying
Look who was on jury duty with me last week.
Then thishappened.
The same thing happened to me, but not for the same reasons....heh.
I am amazed this thing made the press at all. Those guys are tenacious. It wasn't apparent anyone was around who wasn't supposed to be there. Guess they have moles in the system.
Being on jury duty in Santa Monica was a far cry from the last time I dealt with it in Brooklyn. It was a murder trial and at one point, the alleged killer jumped up and screamed he wanted William Kunstler to be his attorney. I made sure I didn't get to serve on that one. On the opposite end of the spectrum for last week's trial, I'm glad I didn't have to sit there for 23 days listening to tales of seepage, joints and sheet metal.
Oh and get this: As you might gather, Los Angeles has a wide spectrum of people from all different ethnic backgrounds. The judge did a great job of pronouncing every last name but mine. It's not very exotic or uncommon, and it was very odd that mine was the only name he kept botching.
Glad it's over.

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