Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Fiber Feh-st
For those of you who don't know, "feh" means an exclamation of disgust or disapproval.
I also use it to mean something kinda bland or so-so.

On Saturday, at the last minute, I decided to run over to the self-proclaimed Fabulous Fiber Fest. Now, there have been incredible bead and crafts fairs at this same location, so I was expecting the same except for loads of fiber-related stuff. I got there a bit early and wisely decided to park further away and walk. Good thing I did. Parking was $8!! That plus the $6 admission was a bit much, especially since the whole thing was less than fabulous.
I did enjoy watching the spinning demonstrations, both on wheels and drop spindles. I was also in awe of the women making lace using bobbins. One woman demonstrated how easy it was and even looked at me while she was twisting the yarn and changing bobbins. It was astoundingly intricate.
There were some great quilts on display and interesting knitted and crocheted items, too. Most of the yarn was stuff I had seen before except for Habu! It was absolutely fantastic to see those yarns in person and made me wish I had remembered to go there when I was briefly in Manhattan a few months back.
I had a lovely conversation with their rep who is a knitting instructor in San Francisco.
We even did some Brooklyn bonding as she lived in the same area I did! Small world!!
Of course, I couldn't go without buying something, so I got these:

I know it's a bit hard to tell what they are, so look at A-25 and A-28. I'll be making a skinny scarf/necklace out of it. I still just want to savor looking at it for a little while longer. Silly me.
Since this was the first time for this event, let's hope if they do it again, they'll be able to get more vendors to participate.

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