Wednesday, July 07, 2004

True Story....
On one of my recent trips, I was walking around the food court at the Jet Blue terminal, trying determine the least likely thing that would make me sick. I'm not picky, just cautious.
Anyway, I see this woman who has obviously had more than a nip or tuck or twelve.
I go over to my husband and tell him I just saw this woman who was infringing on Jocelyn Wildenstein territory. By the time he turned around to see her, she was gone.
A little while later, while waiting at the gate, I hear the following announcement:
"Will passenger Wildenstein, please report to the gate?" was her!!! It's good thing I wasn't drinking, because that would have rivalled any Danny Thomas spit-take.
For those of you who don't know who Ms. Wildenstein is, click the following link, but please brace yourself and DON'T take a sip of anything, before scrolling down:

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