Sunday, November 09, 2003

Stitch N Bitch Sunday
Today, I finally got to meet Debbie Stoller, the author of the fab new book "Stitch N Bitch-The Knitters Handbook"(click links on the right for info), since today was the L.A. leg of her book tour.
I loved her stories and it's great listening to someone who shares the same obsession as you.
Deb passed around many of the projects in the book, including mine, and it was really great to see them in person. It's been fun being part of the book, especially when the event coordinator walked in and she was making my scarf!
Spent an overcast Sunday, brunching with my family, then chatting about knitting and hanging a bit with my SnB pals Shannita, Hilda and Sylvia. What could be better?

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