Friday, August 08, 2003

Well, I did it...
I gave into my penchant for bad movies and went to see "Gigli" yesterday.
In this unbelievable train wreck of a film, you are reminded on several occasions that Gigli rhymes with really. Whichever way you pronounce it all comes down to one word....YIKES!!
There were some great "so bad it's funny" moments and a performance by Christopher Walken that was like nothing I'd ever seen, but mostly it was just really, (rhymes with really) really, bad.
Don't bother to go see it, but just know that the critics are right. This is not just a case Bennifer bashing. Everything about this movie was excessive. The overacting (mostly by Ben...he stinks!), the bloated (over two hours) screenplay, way-too many pointless closeups, loooooooong scenes that had some audiences screaming "Edit", the absolutely schmaltzy and cranked-up-too-high music that practically tells you what you should be feeling in each scene, are the main ingredients for this crappy stew. To spice up our entree, we had a great performance by Justin Bartha as a mentally-challenged boy, a scary cameo by Al Pacino and a scene where Jenny contorts her body into some intense yoga poses while doing a very "Vagina Monologues"-kinda speech.
So I've done my good deed for the day. Stay away! Save your money! Don't rent it! Stay tuned for this year's Razzies!

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