Wednesday, August 06, 2003

The things you find
Having a blog is fun. I keep finding the most incredibly creative women. My newest find is "art for housewives". She has the most amazing selection of fiber links, art, gardening, placemat art, dolls, tin cans and on and on and on. There is so much to see, but I'll pick out a few things to highlight.
AtThe Dainty Show check out the aprons made from fast food wrappers. Start with Arby's and keep clicking next to see more. I also liked the tampon cozies, Mary Jane dress and Tattoo Baby Doll. Browse the gallery for more.
Some knitting links include breasts in baskets, fractals, sculptures and homes of crime .
Without the Internet, we'd probably never see a fraction of these amazing collections. It's really inspiring, isn't it?

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