Thursday, July 24, 2003

Rant, Complain, Kvetch, Whine, Grumble
Don't you hate waiting for a delivery and/or repair person? Today makes the THIRD time, the same repair guy stood me up!! What's even more annoying is that the thing he had to repair was in my closet, so THREE TIMES, I had to remove my clothes and get ready for this. ARGGGH!!! It's not something urgent and I didn't miss any work because of it, but it just burns my soup that someone can be so irresponsible.
And while I am in complaining mode, I have to vent about all these reality shows with marriage as part of the bargain. It truly makes a mockery of marriage, don't you think? How can you expect to make a lifetime commitment with someone you know for a few weeks, with the bulk of your "relationship" in the glare of cameras everywhere? I don't follow any of those shows, but just seeing clips or reading about it in magazines in waiting rooms, it seems like there haven't been any success stories. I did catch a glimpse of "Cupid" last night and I was horrified. The woman is vapid, her friends aren't any better and when I hear her talking to these guys about being with her "forever", I just couldn't take it. I can't stand it that I know who Trista and Darva are, even though I never watched an episode of their shows. Do you have to have exotic names to even be on tv?
The truth about "reality" tv is that it bares no resemblance to real life at all.

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