Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Incredibly unimportant, but here I go, anyway
You know that designer who is putting the word "Juicy" spread across the tush on their sweatpants? I think it's horrible. It is so begging someone to say something to the wearer and then what? Do they get insulted? Do they have a right to since they are advertising their ASSets? I dunno.
A friend emailed me this story about the latest craze in Japan: faux see-through skirts. I read a few articles, but it seems like the whole thing might be a hoax. I guess in light of how tense we all are these days, we need a little distraction. Check out the story here .
P.S. For those of you using Blogger, have you noticed that sometimes the banner ads are targeted to what you're writing about?

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