Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Happy "Octember"
As a toddler, that's what my daughter used to call this month. Can you believe it really is October? Strangely, it's been sort of autumny around here. Slightly cool, overcast. I love it!
I almost called this blog "Kvetchblog" because I was going to talk about stuff that annoys me, but I thought it would be too negative. That said, let's have a little kvetchin' session today.
I was in a boutique yesterday and naturally my eyes are always attracted to the handknit items. I spotted some scarves that weren't all that extraordinary except for the exorbitant price tag of $280!!! I thought maybe they were made of cashmere or mink, but they weren't. Then I noticed a showbiz connection and thought if the designer didn't have that "hook", those scarves wouldn't even be there. I could be wrong about that, but so much of everything here always has the special cache if there's some "star quality" to it, I can't help but be cynical about it.
I guess living in the land of show biz, that thinking is inevitable. I worked for a beauty agency and you cannot believe the flood of phone calls and press we received the day Faith Hill cut her hair. It was unbelievable!

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