Monday, September 30, 2002

Knit Out 2002
It was a beautiful afternoon in Santa Monica today, perfectly cool, sun shining and a great day for the Knit Out.
The highlight was getting to meet Larry . What a lovely man! We chatted about how wonderful our knitblog community is, Knitty , how to knit and surf the webring at the same time, and on and on.
I didn't want to monopolize Larry's time and I did have to rescue my husband, who was patiently browsing in a store nearby, but I wish we could have chatted longer. It's always interesting to finally meet someone in person, who you have gotten to know online. We both liked the fact that so many of us are friends by virtue of being in touch so often and how our love of knitting and the internet has expanded our lives in such an amazing way.
Although it's not nearby, I do plan to visit Skein (where Larry works) sometime and maybe even get some knitting advice, too.

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