Monday, August 19, 2002

More on Melrose
We also ventured to a shop called Chic-A-Boom which has the most incredible collection of pop-culture memorabilia, vintage advertising signs (used in diners, fast food places), movie posters and lobby cards, magazines (16, Tiger Beat, Family Circle, House Beautiful, Life, etc.), rock concert programs,press kits for movies and on and on. Among my fave items there were a Boy George doll(which never made it for sale in the US), a display card from the 40's for sunglasses (with all 10 pairs of sunglasses on it!) and stacks of recipes books/booklets from the 40's/50's. We ended up getting some fun food advertising which is now happily adorning this long neglected wall in our dining area.
Strangely, I couldn't find anything about the store online, except for the artist who did their logo.
I had a great chat with one of the owners, Chris, who told some great stories. She was so funny and animated and was wearing a bunch of bakelite bracelets, which constantly clicked as she talked.
Since Earthlink and Explorer don't work well together, I can't post a picture right now, but if you check out AdFlip, you can get a flavor of some of the old ads here.

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