Monday, August 05, 2002

I love L.A.

Yesterday we went to the new Apple store at The Grove at Farmer's Market . The store was faboo. It felt like you were inside a giant iMac and there were plenty of demos to play with, a theatre upstairs and as you'd imagine, the best selection of Mac software ever. It even had "new store smell". Left like the happy geeks we are, with a shiny new keyboard.
If you plan to visit L.A., a stop at The Grove is a must. I hate malls generally, this place is all outdoors and looks like Disneyland for shopping. There are cobblestone streets, an old-fashioned trolley, dancing waters, live music and enough stores to keep you busy. Then you can walk across the street and be transported back to the 30's at The Farmer's Market . Here you can buy produce, fish, the tackiest souvenirs ever, and choose from an incredible selection of international cuisine from individual stands. We chose to go to Du-Par's , which has also been there since the 30's and has the lip-smackin'-est pancakes, I've ever eaten.

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