Friday, April 26, 2002

Are you ever so bored sometimes, you just put silly things into Google to see what comes up? Well, I put in my first and last name a while back and found a newspaper columnist in Tennessee, an Off-Broadway actress and the Educational V.P. of a synagogue in New York. I wonder if we resemble each other in any way. I think I watched too many Twilight Zones when I was a kid!

So I just read somewhere that knitting is the new Yoga. Last year gray was the new black. Can't anything just be what it is, anymore?
As long as I'm kvetching, a lot of people had many negative comments to make about The Urban Knitter . Interestingly enough though, no one said anything about the HYUK (Hip Young Urban Knitter) reference. I don't fit into that category.
I could be a NYUK (Not-So Young Urban Knitter), but that sounds too Three Stooges-like. How about a YAHK (Young at Heart Knitter) or a HACK (Hip Ageless Crafty Knitter)?
Just label me happy to be a knitting fool!

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