Sunday, May 13, 2012

A review of a revue

This past Saturday night, courtesy of  MamaDrama and Playtime, I attended a performance of Old Jews Telling Jokes at the Westside Theater.

I’m already a big fan of the website where Jewish men and women age 60 and up, talk to camera and tell old Borscht-Belt style jokes. I couldn’t imagine how this could be translated into a play, so I was intrigued.
Well, let me tell you, I haven’t laughed this much for this long, EVER! The show was absolutely hilarious and judging from the audience reaction, they felt the same way. I have never been to any show where people were convulsed with laughter like this.
Old Jews Telling Jokes is a revue consisting of (you guessed it) jokes and songs, with live piano music. The amazingly talented cast consists of three “old Jews”, Marilyn Sokol, Lenny Wolpe and Todd Sussman, and two younger folks, Bill Army and Audrey Lynn Weston.
The jokes come fast and furious and you’re laughing so much and then you laugh some more! For 90 minutes! The actors look like they’re having fun, so much so, that they occasionally crack each other up and have to compose themselves to go on to the next joke. 
They cover topics like love, marriage, sex, retirement, old age, illness and much more. It’s definitely not for younger audiences and if it I could borrow from the film ratings, I’d say this was an “R.”
You don’t have to be Jewish to appreciate this show. If you love to laugh (and who doesn’t?), you’ll have a wonderful time.
Click here for ticket information.

I'd also like to introduce you all to Playtime! . It's a program that provides daycare for children ages 4-12, while their parents can enjoy seeing a show in NYC. The Playtime! staff is bonded and insured, CPR-certified and are background-checked, so you can confidently leave your children, knowing they will be well cared for. 

Think about it. Instead of scrambling for a babysitter, you can bring your kids with you, drop them off with creative, artistic sitters, who will give them a fun, cultural experience, all for the amazing price of $15 per child!

Please visit their website or contact Emily at or call 
212-564-1235, ext. 3153 (M-F, 10AM-6PM) for further information.

Disclaimer: I was given tickets to the show from Mama Drama and Playtime, but received no compensation for this review
All opinions are my own.

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