Thursday, September 10, 2009

Long time....

I can't believe I haven't blogged in so long.
The summer was a blur of heat, humidity, horrific thunderstorms and hoofbeats, interspersed with some beautiful days that I wish came around more often.

This was typical of the sky for much of the summer:

We had an incredibly frightening day last month, where we got stuck on the Northway in what felt like an episode of Storm Chasers. The sky looked apocalyptic, much darker and more threatening than this photo. It was the most horrific thunderstorm we had ever seen and we were in the middle of it. We don't drink all that much, but we sure needed one after we got home from being in that!

It had been way too hot to knit, although I found myself really craving the needles.
I made some cute waffle-weave dishcloths from some cheap Cotton 'n Creme I had. Photos soon.

Oh and here I am burying some big news. We're moving.
More later.....

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Dan said...

Hi Ellen:
I sent you an email the other day. Just checking out the blog - great picture of the scary clouds. Take care.