Friday, June 12, 2009

I cleaned up!

For my birthday last month, my generous brother gave me a gift certificate to amazon.

It's funny. I seem to remember in years past, way before amazon and gift cards, that people used to say giving a gift certificate was "lazy". I don't get it. This way the recipient can get what they want.

So, with the vast array of stuff you can get on amazon, this was a fun task. I looked at books and DVDs and then thought, why not get something I wouldn't normally buy for myself? That's the best thing about a gift certificate.

I remembered reading about Claus Porto soaps and how incredible they are. Here's a little history about this company.

The packaging is exquisitely beautiful and I love the scents I picked out. They're unbelievably fresh and not too cloying.

(Click on photo for a close-up view.)

Aren't they gorgeous? Wish you could smell them too.

It's so humid here right now, you can scoop the air with a spoon. Think I'll give one of these beauties a try later today.


madre-terra said...

You're the cleanest lady in Saratoga!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand that way of thinking about Gift Certs either! To me if feels so decadent to browse a book shop or Target or wherever looking for something!

Alpaca Farmgirl said...

In this day & age I would rather receive a gift card than anything else. With the economy the way it is - it's the only way to give a guilt free shopping trip. What a treat. Lucky girl!