Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Cranky Weaver

It's a lovely day here in the 'Dacks, so we decided to take a little drive to an antique flea market in a nearby town.

Some pretty woven items caught my eye, so I walked over to take a look. The weaver was there, working on her loom. Very cool. I liked the colors and textures of the items, so I decided to take a photo. Most of the time I ask for permission, but she was in a deep conversation with someone and I didn't want to interrupt. Just figured I'd take a snap and go.

Seconds later, the weaver YELLS over at me, "Why did you take that picture?" You had to hear it. What an attitude!

I walked over and told her I was a knitter and had an appreciation of all things handmade and just took the picture for myself. She started to rant at me about how people take pictures of her stuff and rip her off all of the time and how does she know I'm not one of them? I assured her I wasn't and then proceeded to show her how I deleted the photo.

By nature I am a calm person, so I decided to stay that way, even though I couldn't believe how abrasive and combative she was towards me. I told her I completely understand her not wanting to be copied and that I have friends who are knitting designers who face the same problems. She kept going on and on about how people from "the city" steal her designs and she does this work for money for her kids and groceries and house payments, etc. I totally get it, but didn't get why her initial reaction was so coarse. I suggested she put up a sign saying no photos, but she didn't like that idea. Whatever!

She sort of half-assed apologized to me, but I was checked-out of the conversation by then. I also changed my mind about buying one of her scarves.

BTW, when I got home I noticed I never pushed the delete button and I still have the photo. As Nelson says on the Simpsons: "Hah Ha."


cwrite101 said...

Wow,sorry about your experience. Poor woman; she completely lives in fear. And it is that fear that will keep her from the prosperity she so desires.

As (I guess I can say this), an "artist", I have had an idea or two stolen from me. Was I angry and hurt? Absolutely. Did I shut down,become fearful and stop sharing? Absolutely not! For I know that it is in giving that we receive. And no one can take from you (i.e. steal) what is truly yours.

Anonymous said...

Just put a sign up you dingbat! That way we all know the score and you can keep doing your serene weaver bit!!


madre-terra said...

Sounds like her reaction was definitely over the top! People come into our booth and take pictures sometimes. We very politely tell them it's not ok with us because Michael writes for living and it's too easy to get ripped off. We always try to inform them that it is always best to ask first. And a lot of times when people ask we let them.
But this poor woman sounds like she was a broken record. Poor you said, "You mighta bought that scarf".
And I think that taking a picture of someone while they are working is a whole different ballgame than taking pictures of artwork.
Her bad.