Thursday, May 21, 2009

Button. Button. Who's got the button?

I do! Lots of 'em.

I recently went to this great antique flea market in Washington County in the town of Greenwich. It's pronounced Green-witch, unlike the Connecticut town of the same spelling.

I went with the specific desire of finding some cool buttons, interesting spoons and a berry bowl. Two out three ain't bad.

Here's my button find:

Some nice silver serving spoons:

And as an extra bonus, the only photo I actually got to take at the fair before my batteries crapped out:

Can you imagine those in a child's room? Shudder!!


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Buttons !! I think we're imprinted when we're little by Granny's button box .......I can't walk past one without itching to have a good look . But the clowns can go to someone else .....a little spookey for me !

skeinsherway said...

The buttons are fabulous!
The spoons are nice too.
The clowns, not so much. What is it with clowns? They should make us smile... and yet even small children find most of them creepy...