Monday, February 16, 2009

This bud's for you

I found the first little inkling that Spring might actually be here soon.

Click on photo for a closer view.

See those sweet little buds?
It'll probably be a while yet, before they bloom, but soon. Hopefully, soon.

We've been enjoying a dry spell, and everyone who lives here knows that can't last.
More snow is predicted for much of this week.


Michelle said...

Sending some of our excess heat to you to hasten the melting and the 'springing'!

Dan said...

Any more sings of spring would be appreciated Ellen. As my friend said on Facebook once "I'd like to kick that groundhog in the teeth!"

Ellen said...

After cleaning off and digging out both our cars yesterday, it feels like Spring just got further away.

Liz said...

Beautiful, just lovely.

Chicago Sarah said...

I just read your engagement story on Alicia's blog. LOVELY, thank you for sharing!!!!