Saturday, October 13, 2007

As easy as CSA

Are you familiar with the CSA programs around the country?

Basically you buy a share per season of a local farm and then each week you get a box of seasonal produce. Some farms pre-box while others give you a choice of what you can take. It was too late for me to do this in my market this year, but I am planning on joining for next year's season. It's a great way to further support the local economy.

I just found out about the very first (to my knowledge) CSA for yarn. Yes, yarn!
Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm is doing a CSA for their 2008 shearing. For $100 a share, you will get yarn from their angora goats and assorted sheep. You can choose one type of yarn or get a sampler.
It sounds really interesting, so I'm passing along the info to all of you fiber fans out there.

They have an Etsy shop where you purchase the shares directly.

Here's some of the flock:

Meet Jack, the angora goat:

And here's FDR, a cutie pie lamb:

If you're going to Rhinebeck, Susan Gibbs who runs the farm will be there, so you can ask her about in person, too.

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