Wednesday, September 19, 2007


My brother Bob came to visit last week. He wanted to see a bit of the countryside, so we took a drive and stopped at Schuylerville.

I'd heard of this great used book store there called Old Saratoga Books, so we went there. All I can say is WOW! The store was two floors chock full of books and I could have spent hours there. I did hunker down in the crafts section for a bit and pored over the great selection. Since we moved and I got rid of so much stuff, I don't want to start accumulating again. I was very restrained and just got a Mary Thomas knitting pattern book.

Had a nice chat with Rachel, the owner. We were comparing notes on family health issues, hers: gluten, mine: salt.

It seemed liked that was pretty much all to see on this block, until I noticed a sign for an art gallery next door called Riverfront Studios. I walked in and was delighted to see a fiber art exhibit. There were beautiful woven garments right in the front as you walked in. Then on the back wall, I noticed these amazing, colorful knit garments. I was talking to the gallery owner, when I looked closer and noticed these were pieces by Kathryn Alexander! I got so excited, it was pretty funny.

Kathryn's designs were amazing to see in person. I am sorry I missed the opening, but she will be back to the gallery next month for a special presentation, so I hope I can go then.

Here are some shots I took of her work:

If you click on the photos, you'll get a closer view.

That's it for now.

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