Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm down with OKC

This is supposed be a knitblog, meaning I've got to mention some knitting at some point. Here's the scoop.

The blue and white sleeve is from Brooklyn, a Rowan Denim pattern, the lavender piece is Jenna Adorno's Preppy Polo and the stripey cuff is a manly sock with Austermann Step yarn. Big doin's!!

Oh and I won a contest over at Kate's recently. She very generously gave away some yarn and threw in some little trinkets including stitchmarkers that she made. Other bloggers are having contests too, but I just play along with people I read on a regular basis.

Here's the lovely stuff:

Apropos of none of this, I got a great cut and color over at Hair Creations . It's a great little shop, nice people, great energy and most of all a very talented staff. So go there and see for yourself!

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