Saturday, April 14, 2007

The calm before the.....

Yes, I know mentioned this blog is turning into but this is serious. A huge storm is heading towards the Northeast and we'll be in its path. It's especially upsetting, because tomorrow is supposed to be my mom's unveiling and unless this storm isn't as bad as they predict, I won't be able to attend. It's over a 4 hour drive to the cemetery and it's not safe to drive so many hours in such bad weather.

We took advantage of the calm today. We went out to Ocean State Job Lot to pick up a few things. Well a few things turned into a bunch, once I found the food section. They had really high-end stuff, like DeCecco pasta for a buck (only spinach flavored), Twinings and Stash teas, Silver Palate and Annie's salad dressings, an amazing selection of Bob's Red Mill items and a lot more.

And for all of you Capital Region knitters out there, Ocean State has a ton of Lion Brand Yarns for $1 or $2 a ball. Knitting needles, too.

Dropped our booty off and then walked into town, had breakfast and went over to the Saratoga Environmental Expo, a free event at the Saratoga City Center.

After I moved here from L.A., I figured I'd never have any celebrity sightings again.
Well, not so. I saw Darryl Hannah and Ed Begley Jr. walking around the expo today. They were here to spread the word on living green and were part of some activities for the expo weekend.

Oh, one more thing. We went to the Saratoga Film Forum on Friday night and saw "The Lives of Others". Really enjoyed the film. It was our first experience at the SFF and it was fun. An intimate room and popcorn and Twizzlers, too!

Before the film started, I was looking around to see what handknit things people were wearing. One girl was wearing of those kitty hats. So cute. When the movie was over, I noticed she was sitting in the corner knitting. Now I some people can knit in the dark or with those new lighted needles, but knitting with subtitles? Maybe she was fluent in German.

Okay gotta go out and stock up the pantry before the storm. For those in the same boat, hope you stay warm, dry and safe.

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