Sunday, March 04, 2007

Movers Rock!

All I can say is the guy who was in charge of move is a superstar!
He showed up right on time and cheerfully schlepped our stuff into our new place for hours and hours.

I don't know how he did it, considering there were stairs involved. I kept apologizing but he said "No problem".

At one point I was sitting on my couch, watching the two guys carry massive poundage on their backs. The pillows weren't on the couch, but I was just happy to be sitting. The main guy opens a box and tosses me the couch pillows, so I could sit comfortably. Can you believe that?

This was the point I was waiting for. Sitting in our new place, surrounded by boxes and not having too much pressure to get it all done right away.

Even so, we are kind of anxious to get this place in shape, so we overdid the unpacking and are both mega-sore now. The kitchen sorta looks like an episode of Clean House.
Once I get a good night's sleep, I'll be able to get much more done tomorrow.

Man, this is some job.

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