Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hurry up and wait

Just got back from visiting my sweet daughter back East. We laughed a lot, hugged a lot and ate a lot, too! It was a fab visit that went way too fast.

There are no direct flights to her city, so we always have a stopover in Chicago. Going there we had a five hour layover, which was actually even longer than we anticipated because the plane got to Chicago earlier. What fun! I tried to sleep on the plane...I never can...and sort of fell asleep in the uncomfortable O'Hare chairs.

Going home was even better. The flight kept getting delayed due to rain and low cloud cover in Chicago. Only two runways were open, so we had to wait until we could be accomodated. We also had to get extra fuel for circling time. That thrilled me to no end.

Then our time window for making the connection got smaller and smaller. By the time our plane landed in Chicago, it was the exact time our plane for L.A. was scheduled to leave. My husband and I aren't runners, so we walked as fast as we could to the gate pretty much knowing it was too late. We tried to glance at the boards on the way, but didn't want to waste a second of time. O'Hare is so huge we wanted to make sure we were heading the right way.

We make it to our gate, to thankfully find out, that our flight was delayed. More sitting, more waiting and I was kinda nervous because of the weather stuff.

The flight was uneventful, but long. I so envy the people who can just sit down, buckle up and are asleep before the plane even takes off. Not me. By the time we got home, we figured it had taken us FOURTEEN HOURS!! I could have gone overseas for that amount of time, but was incredibly grateful to have arrived home safely.

I'm exhausted and bit queasy today. I always seem to need a day or two to "recover" from these long trips. Be back soon.

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