Thursday, June 08, 2006


I'm finally feeling more like myself these days.
Treated myself to a facial and what a world of difference it made!
If you know me you know I never do stuff like that. I am so glad I did.

Getting back into the knitting groove and finished a couple of hats for a baby gift:

Among my mom's things was the last sweater she knit. She didn't particularly even like it, but just did it for the challenge of the stitches. She asked me if I wanted it and I politely declined. Of course, I have it now and am wearing it because I feel comforted being surrounded by all of the stitches she made. Here's a close-up:

Here's some of my mom's knitting stuff. I have a feeling she had a lot more, but got rid of it before she moved to her current apartment. I'm glad she saved her Knit-O-Graf patterns. There's a whole bunch of them! Everyone in my family was the recipient of those sweaters, courtesy of Mom.

The yearly June Gloom is upon us here in Southern California, but I'm not letting it get to me. It feels good to feel good!

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