Monday, February 13, 2006

What weekend?

I had such a nice weekend, but man, did it go fast.

My favorite things to do are just hang out in town, walk and avoid driving as much as possible.

Take a look: (click on photo for close-up)

While walking near my eye doctor's office, I passed this little alcove that wasn't there the last time I walked by. It's a cute little outdoor bead shop.
They have classes too, that are held out back in a garden! So sweet.

Every Sunday we walk to the weekly farmer's market. This Sunday we decided to have breakfast at our fave restaurant and then (as my daughter says), "leap through the produce."

After walking home with our lovely produce, we went out walking again to the bluffs. I take my knitting with me, while H takes his backpack ham gear. Here's the view:

While sitting there, a biplane flew by with a banner saying: "I love you, Rebecca. Will you marry me?"

Hope your weekend was as serene.

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