Saturday, December 10, 2005

Here's what happening in my part of the world:

My friend Amy and I went to my friend Jill's yarn sale yesterday and got some nice stuff. Anny Blatt yarn, beautiful Cascade Magnum, lovely shell buttons and a poncho kit were among the things we came home with. I should take some pics, but I'm feeling kinda lazy right now.

I made a bunch of one-of-a-kind scarves from interesting yarn I've found from my secret sources and my friend is selling them at her church's gift shop. At least I'll make back the money I spent yesterday, plus a little more.

Of course, I'll blow the rest of my profits at Bazaar Bizarre tomorrow.

My mom's not doing too well these days and I guess I have no patience for much of anything right now. All of the waiting to schedule the diagnostic tests, take the tests, make the appointment with the doctor to discuss the results of the tests is really nerve wracking. Not to mention being so far away makes it even harder. I'll be visiting her soon.

Be back in a bit.

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