Monday, July 11, 2005

Sith, Smith and a guy in a cape

Finally saw Star Wars ROTS (Revenge of the Sith) and well, it DID rot. The whole thing was anticlimactic since you know Anakin goes to the dark side. Is it just me, or when we first see Darth in his getup, he looked way shorter than the guy who played Darth originally? Reminded me of Rick Moranis as Dark Helmet in "Spaceballs".

"Mrs. and Mrs. Smith" started out promising and just deteriorated into so much violence I felt numb by the time it ended.

"Batman Begins" was great. A dark, moody tale about the origins of Batman. Christian Bale was great and I loved seeing Gary Oldman playing a good guy. I must say that the future Mrs. Tom Cruise was kinda lightweight. They needed a grittier actress for the part and I did read somewhere they are looking for one for the inevitable sequel.

Recently joined American Cinematheque. For a movie nut like me, it's sheer heaven. Last weekend we laughed and cheered at a Godzilla retrospective. This past weekend was even better with the kitsch classic "Valley of the Dolls" followed by the freaky "Blow Up". The audience was howling at all of the bad dialogue and scenery chewing in VOTD and was the quietest audience ever, watching David Hemmings figure out what was going on in his photos.

They're having a Hitchcock retrospective soon and I can't wait. Even if you've seen the films before, it's so much fun seeing it with an audience on the big screen.

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