Sunday, July 24, 2005

She was born Muriel....

But everyone called her Mickey. She passed away a few days ago.

I have a very strong recollection of my Aunt Mickey because she seemed so exotic to me. She was tall and blonde (by the bottle, not by nature)and had a very lusty laugh. Whenever we went to visit, she would be dressed in a floral caftan, serving us iced-tea in glasses with pictures of hula girls on them.
Mickey married Tony, who reminded me of the actor Anthony Eisely. I loved having an Uncle Tony, because it was so unusual to have someone by that name in our family. He was a pretty suave guy and they were a fab-looking couple.

Mickey and Tony moved to Florida when I was around 8 and I remember visiting them once, soon after they moved. It was a grueling 25-hour train trip. My family didn't travel that much and neither did they, so I hardly ever saw them again. Aunt Mickey developed Alzheimer's recently, but was lucky enough to be well for most of her 85 years.

My mom started chemo again this week and then found out about her sister on the same day. Not a happy time for our family right now, but we'll be okay.

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