Saturday, May 28, 2005

Knitting inspiration
I sure could use some.
I sort of burnt out on knitting when I was doing that knitting assignment down below (See March 31 entry).
Slowly got back into the groove and am now working on the Brooklyn sweater I started months ago. Not much to even show ya. Ribbed, striped bottom, mostly stockinette...except for the sleeves which have a cable running up (or down) them.
For my birthday, one of my gifts was Loop-D-Loop by the incredibly talented Teva Durham.
I can't even begin to describe how inspirational this book is. The patterns are amazing and are broken up into three sections, Cycles, Planes and Waves. It's just the kick-start I needed to really expand my knitting. Every night I delve into it, exploring the patterns and deciding which to tackle first.
I'll be getting the yarn with a gift certificate I got forKnit Picks, whose new line of self manufactured yarns is getting great reviews. I'm really excited!
Has anyone else gotten this book? Whaddya think? Have you made anything from it yet?

P.S. Just found a review over at LAist.

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