Saturday, January 08, 2005

Nature's "Spit Take"
Have you heard? It's raining here. Not the "it rains for 10 minutes and then the sky is blue again" rain.
No, this is rain of Seattle proportions. Until I moved to Southern California, I never realized this is the equivalent of snow everywhere else. Because of the terrain, rain brings lots of flooding, mudslides and is the catalyst for three times as many accidents.....mostly because people don't change their (very awful) driving styles.
Last night, we were all relaxing at home, when the most horrific ear-piercing fire alarm went off in our apartment. We didn't smell smoke, but got ready to leave to be safe. There was no way we could have stayed in the building regardless, because the sound was truly earsplitting in the apt and the hallway.
So we had an impromptu pj party in the rain, waiting for the fire department to come to reset the alarm. There was no fire, thank goodness. The rain shorted out the system.
Still have rain predicted for the entire weekend. I miss my sunshine!

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