Wednesday, October 13, 2004

She's Still a Mystery to Me
Anyone remember that song? It's one of the Lovin' Spoonful's tunes. Okay. Trip down memory lane's over.
I was so anticipating my mystery kit. It was mailed Friday and since there was no mail yesterday, I knew it would probably arrive today. I kept checking the mail and after 7:00 this evening, I figured that we weren't getting any. I went down one more time at 9:00 and there it was!!
I carefully opened the box and inside found an incredibly beautiful hand-dyed skein in a warm color palette of fuschia,orange, purple, cranberry and more colors I will probably see better tomorrow in daylight.
But....that was it. No pattern. First I thought I misunderstood and I was just getting the yarn which was fine, but then I went to the thread on Knitters Review and saw people discussing it, I knew my pattern was missing. Luckily, no one revealed what it was, so it's still a mystery and hopefully I will have the pattern emailed to me soon.
All this excitement over yarn and a pattern? Hell, yeah!!

Update!This morning my email arrived and so did the pattern. The mystery continues because there's no description or photo of the item. I think I can tell what it might be, but as soon as its done, I'll snap a pic. Wheee!!

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