Monday, October 04, 2004

Potpourri for a hundred, Art...
Little bits o' stuff going on:
Still lacy-ing along. Note to self: don't watch tv when doing K2tog, because you'll get an unwelcome surprise and have to rip out 8 rows....argghhh!!
Gifted myself with Denise Interchangeable Needles. A test run proved why so many people are in love with them. Lighter than air and the yarn seems to fly. Next project will be on those.
Speaking of next project, it's Brooklyn for my husb. Amazing coincidence that it's our hometown AND a nifty sweater, too.
I made friends with a sweet gal from Berlin on Get Crafty (Hi Anke!) and we did a craft swap. I sent her a lacy scarf and she sent me an original necklace she designed. What fun!
One of my cars died, so we are donating it to charity. It's been parked on the street. The other day I look out the window and see something on the hood I can't identify. I go down and find that someone had backed into my car and knocked off the driver's side mirror. Whoever did it was so "thoughtful" to not leave the mirror in the street.
No note. Nothing. Nice.
Got lots to do today, so off I go.

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