Sunday, October 24, 2004

That was the word for the TKGA/CGOA Fiberarts Market this weekend.
It was a rather small, but wonderful selection of yarns, patterns, kits, books, anything you can think of, that would make all of our knitter's hearts beat a little faster.
I actually had the opportunity to work there for a couple days and couldn't wait to come home with some goodies.
Here's the weird thing....I didn't buy anything!! Not that I wasn't tempted, especially since there was a Habu booth there, but I just didn't feel like spending the money I was making, especially since I have enough of a stash at home to keep me busy.
I met some local SnB'ers who I only knew from the Yahoo group.
I recognized them by their name tags(Hi Danielle and Carlin!), photos (Hi Ellen and Crystal!) and tote bags(Hi Jen and La!) with theirblog logo.
I also felt like a groupie. All of sudden this woman with dark hair and a long red crocheted vest walked by and I! It's Lily Chin!!
Then, I had the opportunity to hang out a little with Nancie Wiseman. She's an amazing knitter and teacher and has written great books and articles. Her latest passion is wire knitting. She's done a book about it, has an article about in the current FCEK and gives a great wire knitting lesson in The Art of Knitting DVD. On the DVD, Nancie teaches you how to make a charm bracelet, which will be my next project.
Speaking of charm, Nancie's funny and charming, too. It's no surprise all of her classes were filled to capacity.
Next time this event is here, I'm taking some classes. It's fun to learn from the experts.

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