Sunday, August 01, 2004

Random yarns
Sometimes I look at my referral log to see how people get to my blog.
Many times a search for the Coney Island Fireworks scarf leads them here. Recently, I looked at the list of sites that yields and found Lisa over at her blog, Knittikins.
Lisa's a brand new knitter and my scarf was one of the first things she made. She even took a close-up of it and it's on the banner of her blog. How swell is that?

I also met Alicia over at her lovely shop posie:rosy little things . Alicia's a crocheter, newish knitter and excellent seamstress. I bought the Maibelle and Angelina skirts and the Zinnia flower market bag (perfect for knitting stuff), you can see on the sale page here. I love buying things directly from the person who made them and it also feels great knowing I'm wearing a few-of-a-kind, original creation.

Popped into the Stitches From the Heart store today, as I got a craving to make some socks for myself. It's great to have a nice shop so close AND open on a Sunday.

Okay, I'm gonna go make some dinner now.

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