Saturday, August 14, 2004

Mmm. Mmm. Good.

Here's my contribution to LA Blogs' "Los Angeles Insight-#2":
1. Where is the last place you ate out?
A La Tarte Bistro-had a gift certificate and cashed it in today
2. How often do you eat out?
About once a week.
3. Where is the place you eat most?
Kay n Dave's - I've been known to go twice in a weekend, for dinner and breakfast.
4. Where do you tell your friends that they "have to try"?
I am always recommending Kay N Dave's. It's practically my home away from home. And it's very reasonable. Not as light on the wallet, I love Sushi Roku too.
5. What dish do they have to order when they get there?
Kay N Dave's:The burrito avotillo is the best. Fab tortilla soup, too.
Sushi Roku: Tuna tartare appetizer, warm sake, all sushi
6. Where do you eat when money is not a concern?
When is it NOT a concern? After I win LOTTO, I can answer better, but for now, I'd say Chaya Venice.
7. Where do you eat when money is tight?
If I don't feel like cooking and can't really afford to go out, Gelson's sushi fills the bill.
If I'm in a carnivorous mood In N Out can't be beat.
8. What restaurant have you wanted to try but haven't been to yet?

Now, I'm hungry.....

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