Thursday, May 13, 2004

Long story short: Had a job interview last week. Decided to park a few blocks away and walk since it was a beautiful day. I get stung by a bee. I get to the building a little early and figure I could get ice there. The guy never shows. The sting hurt, but as the week went on, it seemed to getting better. Until Monday, a week later, when it was so red and itchy, I had to walk out of a meeting. Finally was able to get a doc appt and am on prednisone now. The itching STILL woke me up last night. I was also smart enough to ask for an Epi Pen to keep with me, just in case.
The news around here is also reporting rattlesnake, bear and mountain lion sightings. Is something telling me I should just stay inside and knit? (see how I cleverly got a knitting reference in there..heh)

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