Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Toying with my emotions
I found a knit machine toy, that looks very similar to the Barbie/Mattel knitter. Looks like this is currently being made in Korea. Too bad there's nothing currently like it here.
I asked around and found out this would cost about $60, not including shipping costs, so if you are still in the market for one of these, eBay is still the way to go.
Here's the main site:Knit-School. There's yarn, fashion and a page they call afghans, which starts out with scrunchies and then goes through a lot of other stuff and eventually some afghans are featured, too. Keep going through, it's fun to see.
Check out the fun stuff like this stole, scarf/boa and schoolgirl ensemble.
Don't you wish we had a company like this here?

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