Monday, September 15, 2003

Knit Out...not
Well, after talking about it to every knitter I know, I was so looking forward to the 3rd Annual Knit Out in Santa Monica yesterday. I was busier than I anticipated and had to miss it.
Last year's was great fun, especially since I got to meet Larry. I was hoping to see Larry again, but he told me that this year yarn shops had to pay $250 for a table and that many shops weren't going because of it, including his.
Today, I went to my LYS, which was having a sale and heard the owner talk about how dreadful the Knit Out was. She was one of the few shops who paid to have a table and she was disappointed by the turnout and how the whole event was handled in general. Last year, she had 300 people put their name on her mailing list. This year she barely had 60. She also hated the fashion show, largely due to the showcasing of low-end yarn, showing uninspiring designs. Her opinion, of course.
I'd love to hear from anyone who was there to get a visitor's perspective on how it was. Thanks.

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