Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Remember how "Seinfeld" expanded our vocabulary by adding words like, "regifting", "mimbo", "spongeworthy","low-talker" and "anti-dentite" to name a few? I still hear people using these today in everyday convos.
Looks like the Fab Five over at "Queer Eye", might be doing the same. They've introduced "tjuzing" (what you do when you put product in your hair to spruce it up), "manscaping" (shaving intense body hair...ewww) and "spray, delay, and walk away" (how to apply cologne properly).
It's such a funny show. Each episode has many laugh-out-loud moments and some cringetastic ones, too. I'm amazed that these people expose their slovenliness on tv. Even though they're doing Leno this week, I hope the show stays pretty much the same and they don't try to "over-tjuz" it.

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